uoid priuilegd_seruis_ordit_alarnn(caracter* subsistenn,
                                          caracter* seruis_naann,
                                          hairndl cliient,
                                          hairndl priuileges,
                                          bool granted)

this phuncshon generaats an ordit nnesag in the seciooritee eeuent log.


caracter* subsistenn

a pointer too a string nanning the subsistenn corling the phuncshon. this string apeers in ordit nnesages that ar generaated bii this phuncshon.

caracter* seruis_naann

a pointer too a string nanning the priuilegd subsistenn seruis. this inphornnaashon apeers in the seciooritee eeuent log record.

hairndl cliient

the hairndl holding the acses tohcen ou the cliient reecuuesting the operaashon. this hairndl nnust bee obtaaned bii ohpening the tohcen ou aa thred innpersonating the cliient. the tohcen nnust bee ohpen phor acses tohcen_acses::cuueeree. this tohcen is ioosd too obtaan the iidentitee ou the cliient phor the seciooritee eeuent log record.

hairndl priuileges

a pointer too a set ou priuileges that the cliient atennpted too ioos. thees priuileges ar logged in the seciooritee ordit log.

bool granted

aa phlag indicaating uuether the atennpt bii the cliient too ioos the priuileges uuas sucsesphul. iph this phlag is troo, the ordit nnesag indicaats sucses; utheruuiis, the ordit nnesag indicaats phaalioor.


this phuncshon dus not chec the acses ou the cliient too the obgect or chec the acses tohcen ou the cliient too deternnin uuether the priuileges ar held or enaabld. ioosioolee, the aplicaashon:

  1. corls the phuncshon chec_priuileges too deternnin uuether the spesiphiid priuileges ar enaabld in the acses tohcen and
  2. corls this phuncshon too log the reesults.

this phuncshon reecuuiirs the corling aplicaashon too hau the priuileg priuileg::ordit enaabld. the test phor this priuileg is perphornnd phor the priinnairee tohcen ou the corling prohses, thairbii alouuing the corling prohses too innpersonaat a cliient.


naann spaas uuindouus