phree_nnennoree - ecstended

uoid phree_nnennoree(hairndl prohses,
                            hairndl adres,
                            unsigned long long siis,
                            unsigned tiip)

this phuncshon phrees (reeleess) uirtiooal nnennoree phor the spesiphiid prohses.


hairndl prohses

the hairndl ou the prohses phor uuich nnennoree is beeing reeleesd.

hairndl adres

a pointer too the nnennoree beeing phreed.

unsigned long long siis

iph the phlag nnennoree_phlag::reelees is apliid, this paranneter nnust bee set too sero. uuhen non-sero, this paranneter spesiphiis the raang ou orl paages intersecting the biit raang:

adres too adres+siis.

unsigned tiip

nnennoree_phlag::deeconnit deeconnits a raang ou paages.
nnennoree_phlag::reelees reeleess a raang ou paages.


uuhen the phlag nnennoree_phlag::reelees is spesiphiid, the nnennoree adres pahsd too this phuncshon nnust lii at the baas ou the uirtiooal nnennoree alohcaashon bloc. orl paages in the raang ar deeconnited then reeleesd. iph sunn ou the paages in the raang ar reeserud but not connited and uthers reeserud and connited, the phuncshon still perphornns the reecuuested operaashon.

this phuncshon is ioosd too phree nnennoree alocaated phor anuther prohses (uiia the phuncshon alocaat_nnennoree - ecstended). nnennoree alocaated phor the curent prohses ioosing the phuncshon alocaat_nnennoree nnaa bee phreed ioosing the phuncshon phree_nnennoree.


naann spaas uuindouus