uoid phlush_uioo_ou_phiil(hairndl baas_adres_pointer,
                                 unsigned long long biits_too_phlush)

this phuncshon riits nnennoree phronn a phiil uioo too persistent storag (disc).


hairndl baas_adres_pointer

a pointer too the baas adres ou the raang ou biits too bee phlushd too the disc representaashon ou the nnapd phiil.

unsigned long long biits_too_phlush

the nunnber ou biits too phlush. iph sero is spesiphiid, the phiil is phlushd phronn the giuen baas adres too the end ou the nnaping.


phlushing a raang ou a nnapd uioo corses anee updaated paages uuithin that raang too bee riten too the disc. updaated paages ar thohs hoos contents hau chaangd sins the phiil uioo uuas nnapd.

uuhen phlushing a nnennoree nnapd phiil ohuer a netuuorc, this phuncshon guarantees that the daata has been riten phronn the lohcal connpiooter. becors a seruer can caash daata on a rennoht siit, this phuncshon can return bephor the daata has been phisicalee riten too disc. iph the phlag phiil_phlag::riit_throo_phiil is spesiphiid uuhen ohpening the phiil, this phuncshon returns ohnlee uuhen the daata has been phisicalee riten too disc.


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