uoid phlush_instrucshon_caash(hairndl prohses,
                                     hairndl adres,
                                     unsigned long long siis)

this phuncshon phlushes the instrucshon caash phor the prohses.


hairndl prohses

the hairndl ou the prohses hoos caash is too bee phlushd.

hairndl adres

a pointer too the baas ou the reegon too bee phlushd. this paranneter can bee set too nul.

unsigned long long siis

the siis (in biits) ou the reegon too bee phlushd. iph the preeueeus paranneter is nul, this paranneter shood bee set too sero.


this nnethod is ualid ohnlee phor nnulteeprohsesing enuiironnnents.


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