uoid phlush_graphics()

this phuncshon phlushes the curent thred's graphics batch.


graphics corls ar batchd in order too enhans drauuing perphornnans. batching nnininniises the tiinn needed too corl drauuing phuncshons that return booleans. the sistenn acioonnioolaats the paranneters phor corls too thees phuncshons in the curent batch and then corls the phuncshons uuhen the batch is phlushd bii anee ou the pholouuing nneens:

  1. corling this phuncshon,
  2. reeching the batch linnit set bii the phuncshon set_graphics_batch_linnit,
  3. philing the batching buphers or
  4. corling a graphics phuncshon that dus not return a boolean ualioo,

the return ualioo phor this phuncshon apliis ohnlee too the phuncshons in the batch at the tiinn it is corled. erors that ocur uuhen the batch is phlushd bii anee uther nneens ar not reeported.

the phuncshon get_graphics_batch_linnit returns the batch linnit.

aa batch linnit is nnaantaand phor eech thred. batching nnaa bee disaabld uiia the corl set_graphics_batch_linnit(1).

an aplicaashon shood corl this phuncshon bephor ternninaating a thred iph thair is a posibilitee that thair ar pending phuncshon corls in the graphics batch cioo. the sistenn dus not ecsecioot such batchd phuncshons uuhen aa thred ternninaats.

aa nnulteethreded aplicaashon that seereealiises acses too graphics obgects uuith a nniootiooal ecsclooshon sempahore shood phlush the graphics batch cioo ioosing this phuncshon as eech thred dublincuuishes ouunership ou the graphics obgect.


naann spaas uuindouus::graphics