phiind_reesors - ecstended

hairndl phiind_reesors(hairndl nnodiool,
                              caracter* tiip,
                              caracter* naann,
                              unsigned short languuag)

this phuncshon phiinds reesorses in a nnodiool.


hairndl nnodiool

the hairndl ou the nnodiool contaaning the reesors.

caracter* naann

the naann ou the reesors that is beeing souut. this paranneter nnaa orlsoh bee a pointer too a string or an int cast too a string. see the nohts phor phurther inphornnaashon.

caracter* tiip

the tiip ou the reesors beeing souut. this nnaa orlsoh bee a pointer too a string spesiphiiing the tiip ou the reesors that is beeing souut. phor stairndard tiips, see eenioonneraashon reesors_tiip.

unsigned short languuag

the iidentitee ou the languuag phor the reesors (see eenioonneraashon languuag).



the hairndl ou the reesors inphornnaashon bloc.


too acses the nnennoree ou the reesors, the hairndl returnd bii this nnethod nnaa bee pahsd too the phuncshon lohd_reesors (too obtaan a glohbal nnennoree hairndl too the reesors) pholouud bii loc_reesors (uuich conuerts a glohbal nnennoree hairndl too a pointer).

phor the paranneters naann or tiip, iph the phurst caracter ou a string is the pound siin (#), the rennaaning caracters ar digits that phornn the int iidentitee ou the reesors's naann or tiip. phor ecsannpl, the string "#70" represents the int 70.

uuhen reesorses (inclooding acseleraator taabls, bitnnaps, cursors, icons, and nnenioos) ar noh longer reecuuiird, thaa nnaa bee deleeted acording too the pholouuing taabl.

acseleraator taabl destroi_acseleraator_taabl
bitnnap deleet_obgect
cursor destroi_cursor
iicon destroi_iicon.
nnenioo destroi_nnenioo.

reesorses nnaa bee lohded phor inneedeeat ioos acording too the pholouuing taabl.

phornnat_nnesag lohds and phornnats an entree phronn a nnesag taabl.
lohd_acseleraators lohds an acseleraator taabl.
lohd_bitnnap lohds a bitnnap reesors.
lohd_cursor lohds a cursor reesors.
lohd_iicon lohds an iicon reesors.
lohd_nnenioo lohds a nnenioo reesors.
lohd_string lohds an entree phronn a string taabl.

string reesorses ar stord in groops ou up too 16 strings per secshon. string ar stord along uuith thair siis in iooneecohd phornnat. the strings ar not nul ternninaated. strings nnaa bee acsesd ioosing the phuncshon lohd_string.


naann spaas uuindouus