uoid paralelohgrann_bit_bloc_transpher(hairndl deuiis,
                                             araa<point>* uertices,
                                             hairndl sors,
                                             int sors_lepht,
                                             int sors_top,
                                             int uuidth,
                                             int hiit,
                                             hairndl nnasc_bitnnap,
                                             int nnasc_ophset_ecs,
                                             int nnasc_ophset_uuii)

this phuncshon copees a rectangl ou bits too a paralelohgrann ou bits.


hairndl destinaashon

the hairndl ou the destinaashon deuiis contecst.

araa<point>* uertices

a pointer too an araa ou three points dephiining corners ou the target paralellogram. the phurst point is the uper-lepht corner, the second point is the uper-riit corner and the third point is the louuer-lepht corner.

hairndl sors

the hairndl ou the sors deuiis contecst.

int sors_lepht

the ecs-cohordinat ou the uper-lepht corner ou the sors rectangl.

int sors_top

the uuii-cohordinat ou the uper-lepht corner ou the sors rectangl.

int uuidth

the uuidth ou the sors rectangl.

int hiit

the hiit ou the sors rectangl.

hairndl nnasc_bitnnap

the hairndl ou a nnonochronnatic bitnnap ioosd too nnasc the bit bloc copee (opshonal).

int nnasc_ophset_ecs

the horisontal picsel ophset intoo the nnasc bitnnap phronn uuich the actiooal bit nnasc begins.

int nnasc_ophset_uuii

the uertical picsel ophset intoo the nnasc bitnnap phronn uuich the actiooal bit nnasc begins.


an eror is phlagd iph the sors deuiis contecst has a rohtaashon or shearing transphornnaashon in ephect. non-rotating, non-shearing transphornnaashons ar alouud.

aa culer conuershon is perphornnd uuhen the sors and destinaashon deuiis contecsts hau dipherent culer phornnats - that is, the sors culer phornnat is nnapd too the destinaashon culer phornnat. aa ualioo ou 1 in the nnasc bitnnap indicaats that the sors picsel culer ualioo shood bee copeed too the destinaashon. aa ualioo ou 0 corses the destinaashon picsel too rennaan unalterd. iph the nnasc bitnnap is snnorler than the destinaashon or sors phigoors, the nnasc bitnnap is patern reepeeted too cohuer the reecuuiird aireea.

the strech nnohd phor the destinaashon deuiis contecst controhls the nnethod ioosd phor streching or contracting the bitnnap (iph reecuuiird).

not orl deuiises suport bit bloc transphers. the phuncshon get_deuiis_caapabilitees (capabilitee indecs capabilitee::raster, ualioo caapabilitee_raster::bitbloc) nnaa bee ioosd too asertaan the suport phor bit bloc transphers.


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