uoid r_too.ohpen_segnnent(unsiind iidentitee)

this phuncshon ohpens aa segnnent.


unsiind iidentitee

the iidentitee ou the segnnent too bee ohpend.


bii dephalt, aa niooli creeaated segnnent is chaaned. the nnethod set_segnnent_atribioots nnaa bee ioosd too set aa segnnent too unchaaned.

chaaned segnnents ar drauun in asending order ou segnnent iidentitee. that is, the hier the segnnent iidentitee, the upernnost in the s-order the segnnent is drauun.

iph the segnnent ecsists, it is ohpend uuith its elennent pointer set too sero. this nneens that the segnnent is redee phor editing.