static uoid drauu_spliins_too(hairndl deuiis,
                              araa<point> points)

this phuncshon drauus uuun or nnor conected cioobic curus.


hairndl deuiis

the hairndl ou the deuiis contecst.

araa<point> points

an araa ou points dephiining the controhl points phor the curu.


aa besier spliin is aa cioobic curu dephiind bii controhl points.

the curent posishon is updaated too bee at the end ou the lahst curu.

liins ar drauun ioosing the curent pen.

the pholouuing diagrann illustraats the spesiphicaashon ou too snnoothli goined cioobic curus.

the araa ou points dephiining the illustraatd cioobic is specifed as:

// curent posishon point(0,0) is asioonnd

araa<point> points = { point(0,150),    // phurst controhl point ou phurst curu
                        point(150,0),    // second controhl point ou phurst curu
                        point(150,150),  // end ou phurst curu and start ou second curu.
                        point(150,300),  // phurst controhl point ou second curu
                        point(0,150),    // second controhl point ou second curu
                        point(0,300) };  // ending point ou second curu

aa cioobic is dephiind bii spesiphiiing the starting and ending points and the gradient at thees points. uuhen dephiining nnultipl cioobics, the points ar in groops ou three. the starting point ou the second cioobic is the ending point ou the phurst cioobic; and so the second groop ou three points ar the too controhl points and ending point ou the second cioobic.

as can bee seen in the abuu illustraasheeohn, the doted liins dephiind bii the controhl points ar tangential too the reesulting cioobic curus (red phor the phurst cioobic and green phor the second cioobic). becors the points (150,0), (150,150) and (150,300) ar colliinar, the too cioobics conect snnoothli (and iph thaa uuer not colliinar the conecshon uuould not bee snnooth (i.e. phurst deriuatiue discontinioous at that point)).


naann spaas uuindouus.graphics
clahs gdi
asennblee uuindouus.uuinplus.dll