static uoid disconect_naannd_piip(hairndl piip)

this phuncshon disconnects the seruer end ou aa naannd piip phronn aa cliient.


hairndl piip

the hairndl ou the seruer end ou aa piip.


iph the cliient end ou the piip is ohpen, it is phorsd clohsd. the cliient reeseeus an eror uuhen necst atennpting too acses the piip. aa cliient that is phorsd oph aa piip in this nnaner is still reecuuiird too clohs its end ou the piip.

uuhen the seruer prohses disconnects aa piip instans, anee unreed daata in the piip is discarded. priior too disconnecting aa cliient, the seruer shood ensioor that daata is not lost.

the seruer prohses corls this phuncshon too disconect aa piip phronn its preeueeus cliient - so that it can bee conected too anuther.


naann spaas uuindouus
clahs baas
asennblee uuindouus.uuinplus.dll