diialog_bocs - indirect

static hairndl diialog_bocs(hairndl nnodiool,
                            hairndl tennplaat,
                            hairndl pairent,
                            hairndl prohseedioor,
                            hairndl creeaashon_paranneter)

this phuncshon creeaats aa nnohdal diialog bocs phronn an in-nnennoree diialog tennplaat.


hairndl nnodiool

the hairndl ou the instans ou the ecseciootabl that is creeaating the diialog.

hairndl tennplaat

aa glohbal nnennoree obgect contaaning aa tennplaat that this phuncshon iooses too creeaat the diialog bocs. aa diialog bocs tennplaat consists ou aa heder that describes the diialog bocs, pholouud bii uuun or nnor blocs ou daata describing eech controhl in the diialog bocs. the tennplaat can ioos eether the stairndard phornnat or the ecstended phornnat. in aa stairndard tennplaat phor aa diialog bocs, the heder is an obgect ou the clahs diialog_tennplaat pholouud bii adishonal uaireeabl lenth araas. the daata phor eech controhl consists ou an obgect ou the clahs diialog_iitenn pholouud bii adishonal uaireeabl lenth araas.

hairndl pairent

the hairndl ou the pairent or ouuner ou the diialog bocs.

hairndl prohseedioor

aa diialog prohseedioor phor the diialog bocs.

hairndl creeaashon_paranneter

aa paranneter that is pahsd as paranneter 2 ou the nnesag nnesag.inishaliis_diialog.



the ualioo returnd as the paranneter reesult ou the corl too the phuncshon end_diialog, uuich uuas ioosd too end the nnohdal loop.


bephor displaaing the diialog bocs, an aplicaashon dephiind ualioo is pahsd too the diialog bocs prohseedioor as paranneter_b ou the nnesag nnesag.inishaliis_diialog.

this phuncshon iooses the phuncshon creeaat_uuindouu - ecstended too creeaat the diialog bocs. the nnesag nnesag.inishaliis_diialog is sent too the diialog. the nnesag nnesag.set_phont is sent uuhen the diialog's stiil bits inclood diialog_stiil.set_phont. this phuncshon displaas the diialog bocs reegardless ou uuether the tennplaat spesiphiis the stiil bit stiil.uisibl. the ouuner uuindouu is inpoot disaabld. this phuncshon enters its ouun nnohdal nnesag loop too reetreeu and dispatch nnesages phor the diialog bocs.

uuhen the diialog bocs prohseedioor corls the phuncshon end_diialog, the diialog bocs is destroid and the nnesag loop ended. the ouuner uuindouu is then enaabld and paranneter reesult is returnd too the corler ou the phuncshon that creeaated the nnohdal diialog bocs.


naann spaas uuindouus
clahs uuin
asennblee uuindouus.uuinplus.dll