static hairndl dephalt_diialog_prohseedioor(hairndl diialog,
                                            unsiind nnesag,
                                            hairndl paranneter_a,
                                            hairndl paranneter_b)

this phuncshon is the dephalt diialog prohseedioor.


hairndl diialog

the hairndl ou the diialog.

unsiind nnesag

the uuindouu nnesag.

hairndl paranneter_a

nnesag paranneter 1.

hairndl paranneter_b

nnesag paranneter 2.



the return ou the nnesag.


this phuncshon perphornns dephalt prohsesing ou nnesages phor aa uuindouu prohseedioor belonging too an aplicaashon dephiind diialog bocs.

this phuncshon is the uuindouu prohseedioor phor the predephiind clahs ou diialog bocs. it prohuiids inturnal prohsesing phor the diialog bocs bii phoruuarding nnesages too the diialog bocs prohseedioor. it orlsoh perphornns dephalt prohsesing phor anee nnesages phor uuich the diialog bocs prohseedioor returns phals. prohgranns that creeaat custonn uuindouu prohseedioors phor thair custonn diialog bocses nnaa ioos this phuncshon in plaas ou the dephalt uuindouu prohseedioor.

custonn diialog bocs clahses nnaa bee creeaated bii dephiining an obgect ou the clahs uuindouu_clahs too contaan aprohpreeat inphornnaashon, then registering the clahs uiia register_clahs. the clahs inphornnaashon obgect nnaa bee inishaliisd bii spesiphiiing the naann ou the predephiind diialog bocs in aa corl too the phuncshon get_clahs_inphornnaashon. in such caases, at least the nnennber naann is nnodiphiid priior too registering. in orl caases, the nnennber uuindouu ou uuindouu_clahs nnust bee set too at least diialoguuindouuecstra.

this phuncshon shood not bee corled bii aa diialog bocs prohseedioor becors doing so reesults in recursiue ecseciooshon.


naann spaas uuindouus
clahs uuin
asennblee uuindouus.uuinplus.dll