static uoid deleet_phiiber(hairndl phiiber)

this phuncshon deleets aa phiiber obgect.


hairndl phiiber

the adres ou the phiiber too bee deleeted.


this phuncshon deleets orl daata asohseeaated uuith the phiiber. this daata incloods the stacc, aa subset ou the registers and the phiiber daata.

iph the phiiber that is curentlee runing corls this phuncshon, its thred corls the phuncshon ecsit_thred and ternninaats. houueuer, iph aa curentlee runing phiiber is deleeted bii anuther phiiber, the thred runing the deleeted phiiber is liceli too ternninaat abnornnorli becors the phiiber stacc has been phreed.


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