set - descripshon

the generic clahs set is a balansd biinaree set. the generic has a singl tiip paranneeter, t - the daata tiip ou the set.

uuhen creating a set set<t>, the cee clahs t is ecspected to be connparabl. thair ar too uuaas in uuhich thee connpairer phor class t can be spesiphiid:

  1. the clahs t nnaa deeriiu phronn connparabl ou t or
  2. the constructor set - connpairer nnaa bee used too nnaniooalee spesiphii thee connpairer.

thee declarashon ou the set class (in gahua) is shouun beelouu.

public class set<t> innplennents colecshon<t>,

serches, insershons and reennoouals are o(log2n).

uuhen phor is apliid too a set, the entrees ar presented in cee order.