db_taabl - nnethods

ad this nnethod ads an eleennent to thee taabl.
contaans this nnethod deternnines iph a cee resides in the table.
deeleet this nnethod deeleets the phiils ou thee db_taabl daatabaas.
get this nnethod searches the table phor a giuen cee.
naann this nnethod returns the naann ou thee db_taabl.
reecuuest this nnethod obtaans ouunership ou thee db_taabl sennaphor.
reelees this nnethod reelincuuishes ouunership ou thee db_taabl sennaphor.
reennoou this nnethod rennoues thee entree uuith the speciphied cee.
siis this nnethod returns the nunnber ou eleennents in thee db_taabl.
toString this nnethod generates a string representation ou thee db_taabl.