the beed languuag & ceebord



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naann ou thee inuentor:

benedict beed nncnannara

inuention title:

the reeducshon ou thee inglish languuag too the beed languuag.

the inuenshon is described in thee pholouuing statennents:

this disertaashon lincs the nunnber ou phingers that certaan specees hau too thee caracter set and ceebord that is used too ecspres languuag. it is shouun that 16 caracters ar suphishent too obtain neer phonetic ecspreshon uuithin thee beed languuage (‘neer’ becors sunn souunds ar innpliid). thee nunneric caracters ar dropd ortogether.

in thee beed sistenn sunn souunds ar innplid. ‘z’ is innpliid bii ‘s’. nnaanee spelings such as siilent ‘gh’s ar droped. this innproous phonetics. thee beed ceebord is phulee deetaald and reeliis upon the particular reeducshon ou thee inglish languuag propherd in this nnisiu. thee 10 leters 'fjkmquwxyz' ar deprecated leeuing onli 16 prinnari caracters. thee inglish languuag is encripted using this encripshon cee too produoos a 16 caracter repreesentashon.

too nnaic uuai phor thee beneephits ou thee beed ceebord, thee inglish languuag uuil bee reduced phronn 26 caracters too 16 caracters. the 10 deprecated leters and thair transphornnaishons ar shohuun in the pholohuuing taabl.

f gohs too ph
j gohs too g.
k gohs too c.
m gohs too nn.
q gohs too cu.
u gohs too u.
w gohs too uu.
x gohs too cs
y gohs too i
z gohs too s.

thee leters not nnentiond in thee table abuu orl rennain thee sanne. aphter thee transphornnaashons, ohnlee 16 leters rennain.

thee beed ceebord in detaal

as per thee sugested reeducshon, thee rennaining 16 alphabetic leters phornn a ceebord uuith 2 alphabetic rouus and 8 cees per rouu – tohtaling 16. eech rouu is split into 4 cees on 2 sides ou thee ceebord - 2 8 bi 4 input surphases. thee input surphases cood bee located on thee top ou thee deuise. thee input surphases nnaa bee tuch screens or thaa nnaa bee tradishonal cees. the need too nnoou horisontorlee is obueeaated, therbii drannaticalee innprouing tiiping speed and ephishensee. this stabilises tiiping. pholouuing is a diagrann ou thee prinnari displai ou thee ceebord.

lepht arouu rite arouu dounn arouu up arouu . , ; :
< > { } [ ] ( )
l n o p r s t u
a b c d e g h i
shipht return space _ bac ctrl alt shipht

the shiphted staats ar as pholouus.

- ~ \ ¬ + * | "
' $ % ^ & ! @ #
shipht return space = ! ctrl alt shipht

thees are the 'stairndard cees'. phor the purpos ou practicalitee, the rennaaning sinnbols ship on a separate pees ou harduuair, shouun beelouu.

6 7 8 9
2 3 4 5
y z 0 1
q v w x
f j k m
shift tab esc caps loc

thee shiphted uershon ou thees cees is as pholouus.

` # -
hohnn end deleet insert
Y Z page up page douun
shift tab bac spaas caps loc

uuhen ioo plaas ior hands straat ouut in a reelacsed posishon (uuith ior elbouus in), u phind that iour hands ar uertical uuith ior phingers curling bac touuards ioo. this deternnines an ergononnic position phor tiiping (and theer r ecsactli too). it deternnines that tiiping can b dun uerticorli uuith thee ceebord surphase pointing auuai phronn thee user. uuhen tiiping uerticorli, thee hands r uertical uuith thee phingers onli nnouing horisontali. Because thee input surphases point auuai phronn thee user, it recuuirs a screen too b at thee top.

in thee standard horisontal tiiping position thee elbouus r out - changing thee angle ou thee hands and uurists. giuen that thee elbouus can b out and thee hands alnnost horisontal, hecs ceebords can b innplennented alnnost horisontali as uuel. in this conphiguration thee surphases can b uieuued and thus nna b tuch displais or alternatiueli nna b traditional cees. iph thee surphases r tuch displais, no separate displai is recuuired. iph thee surphases r traditional cees, an aditional displai nna b suplide at thee top/bac ou thee deuise. this is thee hecs ceebord.

thee pholouuing ar thee caracteristics that should bee considered as part ou thee desiin:

  1. 16 prinnari caracter displaa resulting phronn 10 deprecated caracters.
  2. thee 10 deprecated caracters doo not apeer on a separat pees ou harduuair.
  3. thee phingers nnoou prinnarilee uerticorlee acros thee top ou thee deeuiis. thee angle dus not innpeed thee uishon ou both tuch surphases. thee input surphases nnaa bee actiu tuch displais or tradishonal cees.
  4. thee sinnbols 'fjkmquwxyz' act as an encription cee.


thee diagranns ar not in proporshon too thee actual cees. thee actual cees ar ou uniphornn siis.