This message is posted to the window with the input focus when the function translate_message transforms a key down message.



The character code for the message.


Key stroke flags.

Bits 0-15 The typematic repeat count for the key.
Bits 16-23 Hardware dependent scan code for the key.
Bit 24 Extended key flag.
Bits 25-28 Reserved.
Bit 29 Context code. This bit is set if the alt key was depressed and clear otherwise.
Bit 30 Previous key state. This bit is set if the key was depressed prior to the message being sent and clear otherwise.
Bit 31 Transition state. This bit is clear if the key is being depressed and set if it is being released.



If the window processes this message, it should return zero.


The extended keys (bit 24) are:

The information in the high-order part of parameter2 is for the most recent key down transition - prior to the generation of this message. In general, this information is not that useful because there is not a 1-to-1 correspondence between keys being pressed and character messages being generated.