bool highlight_menu_item(handle window,
                         handle menu,
                         unsigned identity,
                         unsigned highlight)

This function changes the highlight state of a menu item.


handle window

The handle of the window containing the menu. null may be specified when the given menu is a popup menu.

handle menu

The handle of the menu containing the item.

unsigned identity

The identity or offset of the menu item - see next parameter.

unsigned highlight

The new highlight state and flags that control the interpretation of the previous parameter.

One of the following should be specified.

menu_item_flag::by_command The previous parameter is the item identity.
menu_item_flag::by_position The previous parameter is the zero-based offset into the menu of the item.

One of the following should be specified.

menu_item_flag::highlight Highlights the menu item.
menu_item_flag::unhighlight Removes highlighting from the menu item.



true The highlight state was successfuly set.
false The highlight state was not set.